Beeda (Godling)

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Beeda (Godling)

Post by Beeda Bee on Tue May 19, 2015 1:59 pm

Name : Beeda
Picture or Description : Head of a egyptian cat, hairless of course, with a agile but muscular body. For clothing typically keeps to royal Egyptian wears but nothing that will get in the way of fighting. Eyes are gold and skin is a very pale flesh color.
Alignment : Mostly Neutral
Planet : Pyramid

Strength : 50
Ki : 50
Speed : 50
Stamina : 50

Health Pool : 50
Ki Pool : 50
Power Level : 250

Racial Abilities
Space Travel : Able to travel through space at half the speed it would usually take.
Godly Being : Any training is doubles stats that are attained through it
Destroyer : You are compelled to destroy planets. You are unable to conquer, or own a planet at all and you also cannot work any form of jobs. Once you are strong enough you must destroy at least one planet every few months.
Influenced : You MUST be at least neutral towards evil or evil, no exceptions.

Basic Strike : Uses strength modifier for regular damage, just a normal punch or kick. No cost.
Ki Blast : Uses ki modifier for regular damage, just a regular energy attack. Costs 10 from your ki pool.
Block : Reduces damage by 80% and you are able to attack in response at full damage. Blocking ki attacks only reduces damage by 50%.
Dodge : Reduces any chance of damage to zero if successful BUT makes your next attack deal 20% less damage.
Eclipse Bomb : Uses ki modifier but increases the damage by five times the amount, reducing ki pool to 0.

Zenni : N/A
Equipment : N/A

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