Guide to Character Cards

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Guide to Character Cards

Post by Beeda Bee on Tue May 19, 2015 1:41 pm

1. Step one to making a character card, copy and paste this skeleton into a new post in this forum :

Name :
Picture or Description : (Optional)
Alignment : (Just give a vague idea)
Planet :

Strength :
Ki :
Speed :
Stamina :

Health Pool :
Ki Pool :
Power Level :

Racial Abilities


Zenni :
Equipment :

2. Step two, pick your race from the available races listed in this forum and add their base stats to your profile as well as put your points into whatever stats you see fit. Every race starts with 0 zenni for now EXCEPT for humans which start with 10,000.

Each of the races typically start on a different planet as well, so fill in the correct planet :

Earth - Human, Human Androids

Namek - Namekians

Frost - Changlings

New Vegeta - Saiyans

All races start with the following abilities as well.

Basic Strike : Uses strength modifier for regular damage, just a normal punch or kick. No cost.
Ki Blast : Uses ki modifier for regular damage, just a regular energy attack. Costs 10 from your ki pool.
Block : Reduces damage by 80% and you are able to attack in response at full damage. Blocking ki attacks only reduces damage by 50%.
Dodge : Reduces any chance of damage to zero if successful BUT makes your next attack deal 20% less damage.

PLUS one custom ability. This can be discussed with me prior to it being accepted.

3. Step three, once that is all completed post up your character ID and put a reply saying you are finished, I'll take a look at it and stamp it as completed. Any time you do a training mission or something that effects your profile I will increase it myself/add it for now to keep track of things.

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